Thursday, June 2, 2011

You and I.

Don't know why am I addicted to listen to this song! I love this song. Listen it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snow Queen.

You were sitting there, watching snowflakes falling from the sky.
You were so cherish and delightful.
But time had passed,
And your heart gone wild and frozen.
Next, you became cold-blooded.

Suddenly, a white fox appeared from the tree.
Guided you to another dimension.
It's snowing deeply and I still remember.

That's moment, you wanted to build your own palace.
With white bricks on the top of the mountain.
Frozen all the plants and animals who did not obey you.
Oh, why is this happening, I thought it was only an illusion,
Back then, you were so kind and caring.
But now, you changed.

Wearing a crown, with an evil laughter,
With a wand you made by yourself.
You destroyed everything that stop your way,
And called yourself, the Snow Queen.

You even make a little boy blind.
Not just that, you evolved into a monster.
And this time white snowflakes change to dark snowflakes.
Lights on the street went dimmer.
I were walking down the town and there I find you.
Called your name, but you said you are the Snow Queen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Personality Test

Today, Tuesday, classified as the most free time of day of the year. Should I give it a reward. Hm, maybe after my PMR ( an important test ) my time is much more. I guess.

Now, to the topic. Today, the school had a campaign about something related to Malay so the rest of us need to go somewhere to do nothing. Luckily, my friends and I were selected to go to the library. I thought that I can have freedom there but teacher went in and gave us a personality test.

After the test, I got "orange". And teacher's analysis was so correct! I cannot believe that I am actually that kind. I'm realistic? Am I? That's one point.

After that, I realized that I'm so so different with others. Of course I'm different but I just know that everyone in this world has their own way doing their job. So do I. I'm maybe doing my job after considering for a period and I will stick to my plan. What about you? Want to share some?


Friday, April 1, 2011

15 for now.

Guess what. I'm already 15 this year. I was born 15th February. And now, I get 15th in my class. It;s not a bad result for me. Instead, that is my favourite number. Ya, you can call my silly, but I just don't care about it. Really!

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a ceremony in my school. It's not an important activity, but I have to ask my parents to see if they can come. I am so sure that they will not attend because work is more important for them. I'm used to it.

You know what? My friend said that I'm 15 but I'm still childish. I still watched cartoons. So? I don't care at all. I hope my cousin sees this. There is one thing I very unsatisfied. Last Monday, my friends, A and B asked me to draw a map to confirm the assignment gave by teacher. I drew so hardly and guess what's the result. B said no need to draw and A used HER OWN map and asked teacher. Where's my map? Of course been in dustbin for now. And I was so angry back then but I do not want things got even worse, so I kept quiet. I was so furious. Really!

There is one thing that I always afraid to do so. I want to know my friends more. But "shy" cannot leave my personality. I stepped forward, and I turn backed and ran away. Urgh, why is this keep happening to me?! Just wish it can go more further.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Day After My Birthday.

It was supposed to be my perfect day,
But it changed instantly in the nick of time,
I went off to my computer and chat,
And you stared at me and scolded me.

My heart sank because you did that to me,
You don't care how much it could hurt my heart,
And you scolded the entire family,
With your loud and fierce roar.

When I took the picture of the tiramisu cake,
When she lighted up the candles,
The scene changed this time and they sang a song,
Wished me Happy Birthday.

The day after my birthday, my life is normal.
But I was officially 15 years old,
And those 14's memory will be kept.
But you never celebrate the day I was born,
You chose to skip away from this ceremony,
I had nothing to say but just let it go.

It was Wednesday, and the school bell had just rang,
My friends asked me about my birthday,
I do not know what I should say,
But to give a fake story and conclusion,
Then they cheered, while I was crying in my heart.
The rain had came this time, without carrying my feelings,
I had to admit that this day was not a happy day.

The day after my birthday, I was carried by my tears,
Those tears do make me grow up instead of hiding away.
But there is something more ,in my teenage days,
It was the cooler attitude I shall have.

The day after my birthday, I am writing my story,
Hope that no one would have the same scene as mine.
Just let me taste that feel, just me no other one,
Let me keep this story safe, so that no one will know,
I will keep that in my heart, and there's no other one in,
the day after my birthday.

Friday, January 28, 2011

YT Background

These are my background in this 2 month. If you want it, go ahead. ^^ Take it. Just want credits

Friday, December 17, 2010

MAHA 2010

I know I haven't update this blog for a very long time. And for now, I'll update it. Ya, I will. Start now.

Ok, here it goes. Last 2 weeks, my family and I went to a plantation exhibition which it's called MAHA 2010. It was a huge exhibition and I had a lot of fun moments with my family. First, we went to the stalls which sells plenty of fruits. And you know what, some of the fruits are very expensive. I'm shocked when I heard a guava cost RM 5. Not worth to buy.

Next, we went to a farm which planted many corns and oil palm trees. And then, pineapple farm was our next destination. Do you ever saw a pineapple like this?

Well, I bet you haven't see it. So I took my camera and had a snapshot. It's very big!!!

You think that's wig? No, it's paddy. xD.

Would you look at that. Did you see a paddy field before?

What a huge melon that I holding it. I knocked on one because I'm too tall. And it hurts.

Orchids. Beautiful orchids. Look at the roots.

Conclusion : It's fun, it's amazing. It's worth. Although I'm blacker. Haha.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tecna Background.

A new background for YT and it's kinda plain for me. Have to work harder. Hope you all like it. ^^

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Delicious Donut.

Yummy, yummy! Big Apple donuts sure make my feelings more happy. I'm a boy but it still happen.

I had eaten a lot of donuts from Big Apple. When my family and I go for a shopping, we won't release the chance to buy those donuts if there's a shop.

Various kinds of donuts can be found. That is why when we went to the shop, my dad will never follow us because my siblings will choose the donuts very slow. Haha.

Here are some donuts that are my favourites.

*The names are below the donuts* Some names make me laugh silently. *

The menu down here is not complete yet. Because I'm lazy to take all the images. =.=''

In Malaysia, there are 37 branches!! And for my shock, that is a very good business.

Um, this is good. Better snatch the last piece before my sister takes it. Bye.

Friday, November 5, 2010

November's Story.

I went to a farewell party last Thursday. The main character is a beautiful person I met in Primary School. Well, she is a very kind person I know. But when the time is passing, I missed the chance to say goodbye.. What a careless person. But, I send my regards to her in an e-mail.. Going to miss her although we haven't meet after the graduation party at the age of 12.

On the other hand, this November will be a lots of things to do. A BBQ party, a wedding dinner in December, house works, school works and others. I have to start doing revision for my exams in the next year. It's coming soon!!!

What else?? Oh, there's one.. I'm so excited that Taylor Swift had released her third album "Speak Now".. I heard some of the songs.. It is beyond awesome!!

By the way, Winx Club Magica Avventura were in cinema.. Looking forward for the English edition..

See ya..